20+ Graduated Bob Hairstyles That’ll Make Your Look More Impressive

Updating your look can be the best decision to change your style this fall. We have compiled some of the most stunning ideas of Graduated Bob Hairstyles that are both simple and stylish. This hairstyle works with every hair texture and color. So kick off a new season with one of these looks and you will never regret it. Just view the following images and pick a haircut idea for your next visit to a salon.

1- Graduated Bob Hairstyles

This graduated bob hairstyle is a great option if you are a fan of a messy look. Such gradation of length provides both volume and a beautiful silhouette of your messy bob cut.

Graduated Bob Hairstyles
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2- Blonde Ombre and Highlights

Try blonde ombre and highlights and opt for some face-framing layers. Due to such a technique, you can get that needed volume. This is a risk-free graduated bob which is also angled without being extreme. Once you try this hairstyle, you will already know how to style it with little to no effort.

Graduated Bob Styles
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3- Shaggy Hairstyle On Short Hair

Do you want to stand out? This layered shaggy hairstyle on short hair is the best choice! This bob adds thickness to the nape of the neck thanks to the short layers on the top, with long layers thinning out towards the chin. Just choose this cut if you want to differ from all of those everyday blondes and brunettes.

Graduated Bob
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4- Natural Curly Hairstyle

If you have naturally curly hair then you can again try graduated bob. Actually, bobs don’t have to be straight or a little bit wavy – it can also be curly and look like this picture. This is a great example of a natural curly hairstyle which is so trendy nowadays.

Hairstyles For Graduated Bob
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5- Choppy Cut for Thick Hair

This type of chestnut-colored choppy cut for thick hair is a wonderful haircut for women who want to look sassy and elegant. The long front is paired with wispy, layered bangs both in the front and in the back. Sweet and subtle babylights in the front part also lighten up the whole hairstyle highlighting the features perfectly.

Graduated Bob Haircuts
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6- Bob Haircut with Layers

Pictures Of Graduated Bob Hairstyles
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7- Messy Hairstyle

Images Of Graduated Bob Hairstyles
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8- Red Balayage with Dark Roots

Graduated Bob Images
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9- Nape Length Haircut

Graduated Bob Cut Images
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10- Smooth Straight Hairstyle

Graduated Bob Hairstyles
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Graduated Bob Styles
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Dramatic Graduated Bob
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Graduated Bob
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Hairstyles For Graduated Bob
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Images Of Graduated Bob Hairstyles
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Graduated Bob Haircuts
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Graduated Bob Images
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Pictures Of Graduated Bob Hairstyles
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Graduated Bob Hairstyles
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Graduated Bob Styles
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Hairstyles For Graduated Bob
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Graduated Bob


Graduated Bob Haircuts